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Primary Sources at Google Books

Google Books can be used to download digitized books and journals that aren’t available on

Here are some examples of what can be found.

In English

Modern art and living artists

The Art journal

The art of painting

Works of art and artists in England

The art of drawing in perspective

Colour, as a means of art

Precepts and observations on the art of colouring in landscape painting

British galleries of art

Catalogue / American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, inc., New York

The Italian schools of painting

The Picture Collector’s Manual: Alphabetical arrangement of scholars and masters and classification of subjects

A biographical history of the fine arts

En français

Gazette des beaux-arts

Le trésor de la curiosité 1

Le trésor de la curiosité 2

Histoire des peintres de toutes les écoles: école Flamande

Catalogue de la galerie des tableaux



Do look in the “Related Books” recommendations at the bottom of each page to find further works of interest. And remember that often has works available for download that Google Books doesn’t, so searching on Google Books and downloading from can be a good strategy.

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